Tissington Hall

Constructed in 1609 by Francis FitzHerbert, Tissington Hall stands as a remarkable symbol of English architectural grandeur and resilience. This stately manor, born to replace a moated fortification guarding the Norman Church, proudly oversees the idyllic estate village located in the heart of Peak District, just five miles north of the charming market town of Ashbourne.

For over 400 years, Tissington Hall has been more than just an architectural marvel. It's a vibrant, living testament to enduring familial heritage, a witness to the changing times, and a beacon of continuity in an ever-evolving world. Sir Richard FitzHerbert, the current lord of the hall, inherited the estate in 1989. Today, he resides there with his wife Fiona, and their four children, continuing the family legacy while infusing it with their own personal touch.

Tissington's charm is amplified by its long and storied history, dating back to the eleventh century. Yet, what sets it apart is its unique lineage connection – it is one of only 300 homes in the country that can state that the descendants of the original builder still reside there, 400 years on. This factor weaves an extra thread of authenticity and continuity into the rich tapestry of its history, underscoring the living roster of Tissington's enduring timeline.

Whether you stroll through the fascinating history-laden hall or wander around the picturesque estate village, Tissington offers an immersive journey through time. The hall, together with the backdrop of the Tissington village, hints at tales of historical grandeur, familial endurance, and cultural progression.

Nestled just a 60-minute drive from Mosborough Hall Hotel, Tissington Hall is well-positioned to enrich your stay with a touch of historical exploration. Following a day spent wandering the estate grounds, sifting through centuries of English history, you can return to the premium comfort of your lodgings at Mosborough. It’s a blend of luxury and time travel that promises an unforgettable experience. From the moment of your arrival to your satisfied departure, this journey will unravel stories from the past while creating new ones for your own personal chronicle.


1. What is the history of Tissington Hall?

Tissington Hall was built in 1609 by Francis FitzHerbert, replacing a former moated fortification. It has stood in the centre of the Tissington Estate Village in the Peak District for over 400 years. This estate has been preserved and managed by the FitzHerbert family for centuries and is currently inhabited by Sir Richard FitzHerbert and his family. More about its illustrious history is available on the official website.

2. What makes Tissington Hall unique among historic homes in England?

Tissington Hall is one of only 300 homes in England where the descendants of the original builder still live after 400 years. This unique aspect provides a continuous familial connection to the property, which adds to its historical significance and appeal.

3. How far is Tissington Hall from Mosborough Hall Hotel?

Tissington Hall is located approximately 60 minutes by car from Mosborough Hall Hotel. The relatively short drive allows guests staying at the hotel to enhance their Derbyshire experience with a fascinating historical excursion.

4. Who currently owns and lives in Tissington Hall?

Tissington Hall is currently owned by Sir Richard FitzHerbert, a direct descendant of the original builder, Francis FitzHerbert. Sir Richard, his wife Fiona, and their four children currently reside in this historical house, continuing a family tradition that spans 400 years.