Clairvoyant Evening
Wednesday 16th October 2024 

Come and join us for our Clairvoyant evening with Joanne Gregory

Arrival 7.00pm
Seats to be taken at 7.30pm

Joanne's ability was 
first recognised her family when she was just a child and she thought then that everybody could hear and feel what she can. Discovering that this wasn’t the case made her feel awkward and separate from everyone and everything else.

To survive at school, she tried to block out her gift but nothing worked well for her until she started to really ‘listen’ as an adult. Life was tough growing up anyway with out trying to make sense of the chattering that constantly followed her around. She now look's back on the challenges that she faced in her younger years as solid training for her work as a medium. She can empathize with just about anything she may see in her readings.

Joanne has known loss, fear, abuse, poverty, heartbreak and sorrow, but she also knows deep love, motherhood and profound happiness.
Working with the spirit world and paying attention to their unconditional love and guidance she has learned so much. She knows now that what she thought made her separate in fact joined her to everyone. Joanne eventually began to see her abilities as a gift. She could help so many people find peace and answers. Joanne says that her journey, so far, has been nothing short of amazing.

Because of her gift she now knows without any doubt in her mind, that our loved ones and friends stay with us, steer, direct and support us. Joanne knows that in our darkest hour they can lead us away from any precipice we may face. She knows that our love for each other on earth cannot be destroyed and lives on after death.

Because of this gift she also knows that this life we lead does not have to be difficult and that we can have the life we crave and deserve. Spirit has passed on so many tips and tools for a happy life and they work. Joanne knows they do because she is living proof.

Joanne's work has led her to read for some very famous and influential people. Whatever walk of life you come from though, she would be happy to share her gift with you.

Join Joanne at Mosborough Hall Hotel for our evening

£18.50 per ticket.

To book call:0114 248 4353 or 

Moss-Paw Hall