Renishaw Hall & Gardens

Alexandra Sitwell, who currently owns the historic Renishaw Hall, carries the rich heritage of the Sitwell family, renowned for their impressive lineage stretching back nearly 400 years at Renishaw. She is the daughter of the late Sir Reresby and Lady Sitwell, whose extraordinary family legacy lives on in each corner of the estate.

Developed in the late 19th Century by Sir George Sitwell, the 4th Baronet, the breathtaking Italianate gardens are a testament to the family's artistic flair and love for beauty. Strolling down the verdant lime avenue grants visitors an encounter with 'The Angel of Fame', a sculpture mirroring the grandeur and intricate aesthetics cherished by the Sitwell family.

A visit to Renishaw Hall isn't just a journey through history; it’s venturing into a home fervently loved and lived in. To respect its authenticity and continuing residential use, it welcomes visitors via guided tours only, preserving its unique blend of public heritage and private space.

Renishaw Hall's location as a landmark of historic significance is especially convenient for guests staying at Mosborough Hall Hotel. Just a 6-minute drive away, it offers guests an opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage of the region within close proximity to their comfortable accommodations at Mosborough. This privately owned house is a testament to extraordinary living and a testament to Sheffield's vibrant history and character.


1. Who is the current owner of Renishaw Hall?

Alexandra Sitwell, the daughter of the late Sir Reresby and Lady Sitwell, owns the Renishaw Hall. The Sitwell family has resided in Renishaw for close to 400 years.

2. What are the Italianate gardens at Renishaw Hall?

The Italianate gardens are a magnificent feature of Renishaw Hall. Developed in the late 19th Century by Sir George Sitwell, the 4th Baronet, these meticulously designed landscapes offer a picturesque site for visitors, complete with ornate designs, lush greenery, and a notable sculpture, 'The Angel of Fame'.

3. How can I visit Renishaw Hall?

Renishaw Hall is open to the public for guided tours only, in order to maintain the authenticity of this lived-in, historical family home. Details of tour availability and bookings can be found on their official website.

4. How far is Renishaw Hall from Mosborough Hall Hotel?

Renishaw Hall is conveniently located just a 6-minute drive away from the Mosborough Hall Hotel, making it a must-visit attraction for guests staying at the hotel. The close proximity offers hotel guests an easy opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of the region.