Hardwick Hall

Nestled in the verdant countryside of Derbyshire,  Hardwick is more than just a historical site; it is a testament to the generations of creative minds and hands that have shaped it into the splendid spectacle it is today.

The saga of Hardwick began in the 1500s, sparked by the ambition and vision of the formidable Bess of Hardwick. Wanting more than just a dwelling, Bess envisaged Hardwick as a magnificent testament to the grandeur of her era. Her vision quickly took form, and the magnificent Elizabethan hall, renowned for its impressive collection of houses, blossomed into existence.

In the ensuing centuries, a stream of descendants, each a creative force, has left indelible imprints on Hardwick. Farmers have tended to and enriched its lands, while masterful gardeners have woven nature into stunning tapestries. Builders, decorators, embroiderers, and craftsmen of various disciplines have injected their expertise, playing their part in the colourful mosaic that makes Hardwick what it is today.

Each corner of Hardwick echoes with tales of creativity, resilience, and legacy. You're invited to wander its lush landscapes and through its historic halls. Exploring Hardwick is like diving into an immersive storybook, its pages flavoured with the lives, loves, and adventures of its dedicated creators.

Hardwick now stands as a cherished National Trust property. The Trust, devoted to preserving and promoting Britain's historical and natural treasures, ensures that Hardwick's rich tapestry of heritage and history remains preserved and accessible for all to enjoy, admire, and learn from.

Located just 22 minutes by car from Mosborough Hall Hotel, Hardwick offers an opportunity for guests seeking to combine the convenience of Mosborough's luxury accommodation and fine dining with a deeply enriching journey into England's historical legacy. Whether you're a history aficionado, architecture enthusiast, or simply a seeker of beauty and tranquility, Hardwick is an ideal complement to your stay at Mosborough. Hardwick extends a hearty invite to all those eager to discover, explore, and be enchanted by its enduring allure.


1. What is Hardwick's historical significance?

Hardwick was the vision of the formidable Bess of Hardwick in the 1500s. Over the centuries, Bess's descendants and numerous artisans have contributed to its stunning architecture and beautiful landscapes, making it a unique National Trust property. Read about its fascinating history on their official website.

2. What can visitors expect when visiting Hardwick?

Visitors can explore a collection of stunning houses and beautiful landscapes, each reflecting different eras and styles influenced by generations of Hardwick's custodians. The experience offers insightful glimpses into the lives, loves, and adventures of the creative forces behind Hardwick's evolution.

3. How far is Hardwick from Mosborough Hall Hotel?

Hardwick is strategically located just a 22-minute drive from Mosborough Hall Hotel. This proximity allows guests at the hotel to ease into the comfort of their accommodation while being able to explore one of Derbyshire's most cherished historical properties.

4. What makes Hardwick unique as a National Trust Property?

Aside from its intriguing historical background and exceptional architectural beauty, Hardwick's uniqueness resides in its continuous evolution. Unlike many historical sites, Hardwick's development over the centuries has been collaborative, with numerous artisanal contributions forming the rich tapestry of its present form. The National Trust tirelessly works to preserve this unique narrative for future generations to appreciate and learn from.