Bolsover Castle

Perched atop a hill with panoramic views of Derbyshire,  Bolsover Castle is a true symbol of Stuart architecture. Designed in the 17th century as a place of entertainment and sophisticated socializing, its fairy-tale allure and reputation for grandeur and revelry continue to captivate visitors today.

The castle's allure lies in its blend of preserved beauty and tasteful decay. A leisurely stroll through the Little Castle reveals a series of lavishly decorated chambers, each telling stories of regal banquets, whispered intrigues, and dramatic performances from a bygone era.

The romantic envisage of the ruined terrace range evokes a sense of the splendid feasts and glamorous gatherings it once hosted, its shell, though battered by time, still echoing the laughter and music of past revelry. The stunning views from the wall walk, showcasing the sweeping landscapes of Derbyshire, invite visitors to imagine the world as seen through the eyes of the Stuart nobility.

Your exploration of this serene complex begins at the exhibition in the iconic Riding House, where you’ll uncover the rich history, architectural brilliance, and tales of past dwellers that bring the castle to life. Young visitors are not left out, as they can unleash their imagination and expend energy in the extensive grounds, which include a fun play area that complements this journey through history with a dash of modern recreation.

As an English Heritage property, Bolsover Castle reflects a slice of England's intriguing past while fostering a deep appreciation for historical architecture and interpretations of courtly life during the Stuart period.

Conveniently located, Bolsover Castle is just a 16-minute drive from the Mosborough Hall Hotel. This proximity allows guests at the hotel to explore one of Derbyshire's most captivating landmarks while still enjoying the comfort and luxury accommodation the hotel offers.

For those intending to immerse themselves fully in this historical escapade, Mosborough Hall Hotel offers an accommodation package that includes entry tickets to Bolsover Castle. By staying at Mosborough, you're not just choosing a hotel, you're opening the door to a vibrant, historical adventure filled with discovery and enjoyment.


1. What is the history of Bolsover Castle?

Bolsover Castle is a Stuart mansion built in the 17th century atop a hill in Derbyshire. It was designed as a venue for grand entertainment and social functions, and it continues to impress visitors with its lavish rooms and extensive grounds. More detail about its intriguing history can be explored on their  official site.

2. What features can visitors enjoy at Bolsover Castle?

Visitors can explore the opulent rooms of the Little Castle, walk the romantic ruined terrace range, enjoy expansive views from the wall walk, and discover the castle's history in the exhibition at the Riding House. A fun play area is also provided for younger visitors in the castle's extensive grounds.

3. How close is Bolsover Castle to Mosborough Hall Hotel?

Bolsover Castle is conveniently located just a 16-minute drive from Mosborough Hall Hotel, making it an appealing destination for guests of the hotel who wish to explore Derbyshire's rich history.

4. Are there any special accommodation offers related to Bolsover Castle?

Yes, Mosborough Hall Hotel provides an accommodation package that includes tickets to Bolsover Castle, allowing guests to experience the luxury of the hotel while immersing themselves in the fascinating history of a local landmark. Please check the hotel's  official site for current offers and packages.