A lucky offer for some very special dates

Friday the 13th is supposedly an ominous date, steeped in superstition and assumed by some to bring bad luck. But if you're more inclined to turn the tables and make Friday the 13th your super lucky day, why not celebrate it with the biggest day of your life, and host your wedding with us here at Best Western Plus Mosborough Hall. We believe that there is more luck floating around on these days so grab it by both hands.

The special dates are 
Friday 13th January 2023
Friday 13th October 2023

Celebrate your wedding day on any of these dates and will happily begin your good luck by offering you all of the below offers:

13% OFF the total price of your Final Wedding Invoice (excluding pre-ordered bar tab)

Call one of our wedding team on 0114 248 4353 or e-mail weddings@mosboroughhall.co.uk to discuss anything further or to book your appointment to view our beautiful hall.