The plan for children at your wedding is always a topic of conversation for every couple.
Do we invite them to just the day or just the evening? Do we invite them at all? Do we involve them in the ceremony?
What menu would they like? How do we keep them entertained? Where are they going to sleep?

Mosborough Hall is the perfect venue to help with these questions.
We have children's menu's available, complimentary treasure hunts and family rooms to name just a few options. 

Whatever the plans you have for the children at your wedding our wedding planner Tia is here to help.
From ideas of children's tables, entertainers and Lego activity packs,
Tia will ensure that your wedding day is just as memorable for the children at your wedding as it is for you. 
See below for some of our children friendly wedding options.

Children's Menus

Ensuring the children at your wedding enjoy their food as much as you do.

Our Chef has created some menu options for you.

Take a look below, or alternately speak to our team who will be happy to find a solution for you.

Treasure Hunt

Located within the grounds of Mosborough Hall is a Children's Treasure Hunt.

Included complimentary in your wedding package, are quiz sheets and prizes for the children. 

We can incorporate this into the perfect time of your wedding day. 61
Family Rooms

Staying overnight in a hotel is so exciting as a child.

From the excitement the night prior to the big day, or diving into bed after dancing the night away on the dance floor. 

Mosborough Hall has plenty of options to ensure your family guests can stay with us.